Universal Javascript

The motivation to write this workshop came from the frustration that I found when I had to start working with React + Redux at work. I came from the AngularJS world, and suddenly I had to learn several new concepts and technologies like Webpack, Babel, PostCSS, React, Redux, Enzyme, Server-Side-Rendering, Isomorphic-Javascript, Hot-Module-Replace and a truckload of Other-Fancy-Buzzwords. It took me a while to get my head around this (I still am), and a lot of the documentation out there is still very poor... There are many seeds or starter repos that bring all the stuff together, but after cloning them I would find bigass configuration files which I had no idea how to use, and a lot of glue to hold all the pieces together... So I decided to go ahead and create a short tutorial, starting from scratch, and going thru all the steps from the npm init to having a working universal-server-side-rendered-hot-reloading-isomorphic-react-redux-app.

I hope if there's someone else going thru the same pain of learning these tecnologies, will finds this useful.


This tutorial assumes you are on a unix machine, with git and nvm installed. You don't really need them, but they will make your life easier:


Each chapter of this gitbook has its own branch and a release, and each section has a tag and a diff, so you can jump to any part of the tutorial using git clone or see the differences between each sections using the diffview on github (links are provided at the begining of each chapter, and at the end of each section).

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